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GROUND BREAKING: Pain Reliever with NO Reported Side Effects

New Jersey- Created and tested through thousands of client trials, this pain reliever has proven it's immediate relief of chronic pain for 95% of clients and was created in New Jersey.

Chronic Pain is a national epidemic and the numbers prove it!


Guess what?

Chronic Pain is the number one

cause of long-term disability in the United States


According to a study conducted by the Institute of Medicine of The National Academies, 100 Million Americans suffer from chronic pain.  This is bigger than diabetes, cancer, and heart disease combined.  Americans aren't the only ones suffering in mass proportions.  Over 1.5 billion people worldwide suffer from chronic pain.  

Pain hurts!  Pain not only hurt physically but mentally and more often then not, financially. The negative effects of pain is the decrease in quality of life. Missing work, job-related injuries and reduced productivity are direct results of pain.

The four most common types of chronic pain are:

  1. Lower Back (27%)
  2. Sever headache or migraine pain (15%)
  3. Neck (15%)
  4. Facial Aches (4%)

What about Joint Pain?

1 of every 3 adults over the age of 18 experiences joint pain. 1 of every 2 adults over the age of 65 experience joint pain.  Joint pain can include inflammation and stiffness.

The top areas for joint pain most commonly reported:

  1. knee  
  2. shoulder
  3. fingers
  4. hip

What to do about this pain?

23% of ER visits have been prescribed addictive narcotics which can include codeine or oxycodone. Minor pains are normally treated with non-narcotic medications such as aspirin, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen.  However, even these non-prescription drugs have side effects ranging from nausea to kidney damage.

Drugs will normally disguise the pain while the body naturally heals itself.  If the body can not heal itself, the drugs will normally be taken long-term and sometimes causing more damage than the ailment itself. 

Golden Dew Drop Body Pain Oil, created and fulfilled in the United States, is a patent pending oil comprised of natural and organic ingredients that gets rid of pain in a matter of seconds and significantly decreases inflammation in two minutes as testified by 95% of those in the client trial study of 2019-2020.  Containing no CBD or THC, the oil has amazing compounds that not only eliminate pain and inflammation but assists in cell repairing.  Hence, the reason why many state that after using Golden Dew Drop Body Pain Oil over a period of time, they no longer have the underlying issue that caused the pain and inflammation.  A few of the ingredients have been used for thousands of years. Rosemary, native to the Mediterranean has been used to improve memory, boost the immune system, and relieve aches and pains. Rosemary is also known for its ability to improve circulation and is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerous properties. Lavender is also an important ingredient in the Golden dew Drop Body Pain Oil.  Not only is it known for its fragrance, but studies have shown its effectiveness for cognitive function, improving mental ability, reducing headaches, reduces the number of free radicals in the cells allowing for a decrease in damaged cells,combats fungal and bacterial infections, relieves stress and anxiety, relieves pain, reduces acne and blemishes and slows the effects of aging because of its antioxidant properties. 99% of the compound is olive oil which have also been known to reduce pain and inflammation. 

Did You Know?
Golden Dew Drop Body Pain Oil
has a
95% Efficacy Rate
for Reducing Pain and Inflammation
Almost immediately! 

Client trials of 1000+ have shown a 95% efficacy rate for the following:

Spinal Stenosis, Arthritis, Knee Pains, Shoulder Pains, Stomach Pains,  Muscle Cramps, Fibromyalgia, Stiff Muscles, Muscle Recovery, Headaches, Poor Circulation,  Back Pains, lupus, CRPS, Neuropathy, Stress Tension, Carpel Tunnel, and more.. Most testified that they were relieved of pain for 4-6 hours during first application!


It's at a low cost!

Golden Dew Drop is a God-based company with a mandate to remind people that God has given us everything we need.  And to be sure that the price is economical for everyone.


$29.99 for Regular Strength

$39.99 for XXX Strength


 1 bottle normally lasts about 6-12 months

Too Good to Be True?

Actually, Too Good to Be Man Made!

Remember, you are not alone in your pain and you won't be alone relieving your pain in seconds!  


You have nothing to lose but pain.

Drop the Dew and get relief!!!
Why?  Because,
Naturally, It Works!!!