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Why Golden Dew Drop


Every patent pending product has its own miraculous inception that began in 2012.  All Natural and Organic ingredients were given during prayer and worship.  And so, we thank God for the Comforting Holy Spirit that is helping us to reduce and get rid of “Dis-Ease”.  Because the products were God inspired, we believe that is why the products are so effective! 

We were wondering for years how it was possible that some customers no longer experienced the same pains or ailments.  We truly were seeing miracles!  After researching the science on how it’s working, wow!  We found astounding results already written in medical journals. 

Here is a short list (attributes from various Golden Dew Drop ingredients):  increasing memory, getting rid of damaged cells that cause cancer, increasing kidney and liver function, healing on a cellular level (meaning skin, muscle, tissue), increasing circulation quite like a natural stent, decreasing and eliminating cysts, significantly reducing or eliminating pain in seconds, significantly reducing or eliminating bad inflammation in 2- 4 minutes.  Now we have truth from two directions:  Holy Spirit and Science!

God cares for you!  He has given us at Golden Dew Drop a mandate to help “His people” and we try to carry this assignment with excellence. 

We will Live Life More Abundantly, as promised!



Golden Dew Drop ranks at the Top 16% of Most Visited Websites and have reached 10,000 website views in less than 3 years.   This is due to Word of Mouth.  Our wonderful customers spread the news about their miraculous experiences. 

*See clusters of clients from NJ and NY

Customers love Golden Dew Drop because WE CARE:

Do you feel that the medical industry care only about 2 things:  Money and More Money?

Our customers enjoy visiting us and we cherish those physical connections!  We have so much fun laughing and joking while all along listening to the issues and providing quality product that will help.  In rare times, we will not sell a product if we don’t think it will work.  At times we will give suggestions of what may have a better chance of working.  Our customers appreciate our honesty and helpfulness.

We hope that you too will join the Golden Dew Drop family!  It actually is greener on the other side!