• Braiding Before Soothing Pain Oil
  • 5 Days after using the Penetrator
Braiding Before Soothing Pain Oil
5 Days after using the Penetrator

Golden Dew Drop LLC

God Given all Natural Ingredients for Hair Growth

The formula relates to a hair oil composition that is made of 9 natural and organic ingredients and one compound formula processing that provides the right balance of nourishment, manageability and feel to the hair as desired by the client.  It has been tested over the last eight years and has had remarkable results in hair growth and regrowth. The astounding results lie with testings done on humans with Androgenetic Alopecia (also known as male pattern baldness that occurs with both men and women) and Alopecia Areata (patchy balding that can become more severe leaving no hair on head and even the body). In addition, Testings have also been done with human thinning and balding due to stress, waking up the hair in the Telogen stage.

One ingredient has already beat Minoxidil in a clinical trial study 

God Given All Natural Ingredients for Pain Relief

Imagine your pain gone in seconds!  Imagine visually watching inflammation dissipate!
There is NOTHING in the market that has the attributes of the Golden Dew Drop Body Pain Oil!
Thousands are out of pain and a few have been healed when doctors had no answer.
A few drops of the Golden Dew Drop Body Pain Oil increases circulation, dramatically decreases inflammation, and 95% of clientele has testified that their pain is gone in seconds.


I am sixteen years old. I started using Golden Dew cause I had Alopecia when I was 8. "The Dew is Lit!"

B. Jeter

"I GOT MY SEXY BACK" Years of thinning then one month Golden Dew application, "Its getting better everyday!

Evelyn R.

WHAT SHOULD FIFTY LOOK LIKE          I tried everything from sprays to chemicals.....Nothing worked. Then I tried God's natural ingredients. Thank GOD for Golden Dew Drop!!!!! I used 3 drops a day for 5 months. and my Male Alopecia is gone

Its Amazing!

Stephen M.

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